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T.A.R.T. Collective
Art on Track Chicago
Inspired by science fiction, Zombie Train is a commuter train set in the future and comments on our current society and fears. GMO corn has taken over public transportation as a form of entertainment and convenience at various bars through out the train car. The car's atmosphere is cheerful and bright. But everything has a shadow side. . .

Art on Track took place annually for several years aboard an eight-car moving CTA train. Artist teams were selected to transform one of the train cars into a moving art installation.

This special train circled Chicago's downtown loop for five hours, making stops to pick up new passengers along the way. Every time the train made a stop, large groups of people came pouring out of the cars, nearly crashing into each other as they ran in either direction to board a new car.

Co-Performer: Kelli Cousins

T.A.R.T. Collective Collaborators:
Don Widmer, Chelsea Middendorf, Stephen DeSantis, Erin Cramer