projects > weight

choreographed + performed
with Gianina Lockley,
The Chicago Moving Company
"I thought that you were one person.
I thought that the two of you were connected in the same body
and bound to the same soul.
You have one soul that has several pieces and spreads them out in empty space: Gianina’s body, Kristina’s body, an ancient technology (typewriter), a primal scream, spurting hand sanitizer, a red tie, a white skin, a black skin, white powder, black hair, red hair, black slacks.
How can it be that this performance moved me so much?
Kristina’s fall that never returns to full verticality on her own power, Gianina’s robotic measured timing and gestures, the possessed white powder. The transformation of black to white. The long awaited (weighted) contact of the two bodies, the response of a lock of hair to breath. . .
I thought this was beauty and love.
I thought that the soul of you was responding to the performance that was being created for you outside of yourselves.
Nothing of this was yours alone, the space your bodies inhabited was claimed by the soul of the work you are doing.
Your bodies were subjects of the work."
~ Bryan Saner